Witness to the Reform

We are WTTR!!! Craig (Vocals Geeeetarrrr and Ego), Gethin "Battery Powered Bunny"  on the thumpy things and myself Dave on the 4 string funk slapping plank. The latest and greatest incarnation of the family was born in January 2014 and in the August of that year we saw our first single release recorded at The Boneyard in Neath. Things are steadily gaining momentum and new songs are surprising us every time we get into the rehearsal room. Yep its asfe to say were enjoying it more now that we ever have. Long may it continue........

“we’re not going to be the next Muse or Manics, we’re not going to make millions and live in  a mansion with a swimming pool full of vodka, but we enjoy what we do, and that’s what making music is all about. If it lasts another 5 years or 5 months, I can listen back to our stuff and say – I did that”

Dave Griffiths - Bass




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